transport calculator

Step 1: Choose which journeys to offset.

Select your transport type and enter the distance travelled (for commuting, enter the total distance travelled for the period you require e.g. year), then click the "add" button to submit the details to the summary list below. Repeat the process to add further transport offsets if required.

transport type distance
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Step 2: Review your transport details

No journeys added. Please add a journey above.

Step 3: Choose what to offset next or view a summary of your calculations, before making a donation.

Number of People or Cars/Motorbikes

To offset the emissions for more than one car or motorbike simply enter the number of these vehicles you wish to offset for in the 'number of cars/motorbikes' box.

If you would like to offset rail or bus travel for a group of people, simply enter the number of people in that group in the 'number of people' box.